Description of a portable vacuum cleaner

A portable vacuum cleaner must be held by the user, either by hand or hanging on the back; therefore, it is usually used to clean small area such as inside a car as a car vacuum cleaner (click here for best car vacuum). The features of a portable vacuum cleaner are very wide: from the apartment home, passing the car and professional use, everyone is benefiting

4 types of portable vacuum cleaners

There are 4 types of portable vacuum cleaners:

Advantages of portable vacuum cleaner

The main advantages of this cleaner:

  • Better control of the head of the unit;
  • Access to inaccessible areas: vehicle interiors, stairs, ceilings, etc.;


Disadvantages of this vacuum cleaner

The main disadvantages of portable vacuum cleaner:

  • The portable vacuum cleaner involves prolonged physical work.
  • It is rare on the market; this is due to the success of the canister vacuum.

Description car vacuum cleaner

Simple, light and practical, the car vacuum cleaner can be stored in the safe for regular use:

With this type of device, no need of an electrical outlet, for supplying power, simply plug it into the cigarette lighter of the car which sends electricity to 12 volts.

To help clean all the corners of the vehicle quietly, the cable length the device can reach two meters in length.

It comes with a small carrying bag.

Standard criteria for choosing a car vacuum cleaner

Benefits of car vacuum cleaner

The main advantages of this cleaner:

  • Compact, it can be stowed in the trunk or glove box clutter.Also, the length of its cable offers it’s the opportunity to tour the vehicle.
  • Menu, its beak creeps into every corner of the cabin.
  • It needs no electrical outlet to operate, simply plug it into the cigarette lighter.

Main disadvantage of car vacuum cleaner

The main drawback of this vacuum cleaner is that it is not very powerful and therefore can be used in troubleshooting a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Purchase of the car vacuum cleaner online

On the Internet, you can access any device. This option is reserved for the customer who already has his idea of what he wants to buy. Compared to shops storefront, the difference is a matter of price.

But before launching, it comes to checking certain precautions.

When ordering at the time of payment, make sure the web page is secure (https address that starts with an image of a padlock in the browser’s bottom bar).

Please ensure that the delivery price does not cover the benefits of the proposed reduction. In this case, the interest of the internet buying is zero.

See terms of delivery: home delivery being done by appointment? Do you have the means to receive the driver during passing times?

Open the package before the delivery person to see his presence in the state of delivery. Send the package immediately in case of surprises.

Enjoy relay points or deposit: Some stores offer to deliver the item to a warehouse or business near you or your workplace. Thus, delivery is offered, or a small amount and you can pick up your package when you want.

Check the warranty conditions; some brands refuse to assume the warranty of the items sold online.

Price of a car vacuum cleaner

The price ranges from 10 Euros to 75 Euros.

You will find below a summary table of prices on the market for all types of vacuum cleaner.

Types of vacuum cleaners Entry level Top of the line
sleds Vacuums Vacuum cleaners with bag € 30 € 300
Bagless € 30 € 500
silent vacuum cleaners € 150 € 400
Vacuums glutton € 75 € 150
Portable vacuum cleaners broom vacuum cleaners € 10 € 80
electric brooms € 50 € 300
car vacuum cleaners € 10 € 75
Backpack Vacuums € 300 € 1,500
Cordless vacuum cleaner Handheld vacuum cleaners € 15 € 150
central vacuum cleaners € 450 € 1,000
robot vacuum cleaners € 300 € 1,500
pool Vacuums € 75 € 200
vacuum cleaners € 50 € 700
industrial vacuum cleaners Water and dust vacuum cleaners € 50 € 150
Injector extractor € 100 € 4000 and +
vacuum sweeping € 300 € 1,000
Vacuums chips € 150 € 400
ash Vacuums € 50 € 100
asbestos vacuum cleaners € 550 € 2000 and +
extractor trash € 30 € 220