[Fabio M Costa] Lawn tractors, mowing robot and how to use

Lawn tractors

Mowing driving! Make a lane of your garden. A tractor is mowing large surfaces you play. It sit, drives off, and send the best. You have heaps of fun while mowing. There are also best self propelled lawn mower electric start

From where it pays to purchase a lawn tractor?

Of course, there are crazy it looks like you’re sitting on your mower mowing your grass. However, you need not be a landowner to purchase such a machine garden worthwhile. Lawn tractors are already useful on surfaces from 600 m2 by their maneuverability.

The differences between lawn tractors and riding mowers: When a rider sits the driver above the engine, with a garden tractor is the drive unit before him.

The advantage of tractors is that they can be used for all kinds of work. They are not only suitable for cutting grass. There may also be devices such as snow blades, brooms, sprinkle trailers and become much more attached to.

The decisive factor is, of course, the price; mowers are a lot cheaper. Lawn tractors are smaller and less powerful than garden tractors.

Significant parts of the machine

Discharge to the rear or side

Garden tractors with ejection to the rear throw the mown grass without detours directly over the rear axle into the receptacle. This may be mowed high and wet grass. A Rider discharge side is suitable if you do not want to collect the clippings.


  • Trans-Matic transmission: a trans-Matic transmission can continuously switch. With the brake pedal can slow down the mower and drive off again without having to switch.
  • Hydrostatic transmission: the speed is in this drive adjustable without or switch.
  • Automatic transmission: the speed control and direction are governed exclusively by the accelerator. There does not need to be changed.

Mowing Robot

Do you know that? It is the weekend. You have anywhere fancy, except for mowing grass. Endlessly back and forth accompanied by the monotonous hum of your lawn mower. Then you once again stumbling over the cable from your electric lawn mower, or tank needs to be refilled, or the container for the cut grass is packed – always just before you are ready. Enough! Make your life easier anyway with mowing robots!

Advantages of a mowing robot

  • Power saving: never push more heavy lawn mower for you. Especially for older people is a significant relief.
  • Time saving: the mowing time is now free time. Yippie! Also, the garden machine takes removing clippings from here. All models have an integrated mulching.
  • Childishly easy: the operation is simple. Beacon lawn surface to be processed with the boundary wire and feed it into the machine. To work! Also, can be stored in some models week programs.
  • Environmentally friendly: no gas, no oil, no exhaust.
  • Silent: lawn mowing robot operates virtually silently.
  • Quality work: the machine can be optimally adjusted to your garden and thereby ensures a high quality of cut.
  • The result: a beautiful, uniform lawn.
  • Safe: the device is equipped with many safety equipment. The lift sensor will stop the mower when it is lifted, and a wire sensor stops the engine when he gets behind the boundary wire. The bumper sensor also takes him away from fixed objects.
  • Does not require much maintenance: mowing robot is suitable for all types of lawns and doing its job in any weather. Also, obstacles and ramps for most models no problem.
  • Such machines are also great for people with allergies.



No need to use Premium gasoline. In the case where not get can be utilized without drawbacks. It is also recommended not to leave fuel in the tank for more than 15 days.

Type of oil: SAE 20W-50 or 15W-40 recognized brand (we recommend using oil Maruyama)

Oil quantity: You can vary engine models, but almost all have a pan 535c.c. (Not to exceed the level, could damage the motor). It is recommended to put a little oil and go with the rod controlling not to put more oil.

Oil change: It is important to remember that usually come without oil engines so before putting the equipment in place should be reviewed and put oil if necessary. Then, changes are produced according to the following scheme:

First oil changes at 5 hours of use

Subsequent changes:
– If we use mineral oil between 25 and 50hs of use
– If we use synthetic oil between 100 and 150hs of use

With the change of oil should be modified the fuel filter if the mower has one.

Air filter

It is important always to keep clean the air filter, so ALWAYS recommend cleaning after mowing. There are two types of air filter:

– Foam filter: Clean with water and detergent. Once you clean it will drop a few drops of engine oil and spreads to permeate the entire screen.
– Filter paper: In this case the dry filter is cleaned so a compressor is used for cleaning. Always the compressor at least 15 cm to avoid damaging the screen and always in the direction “inside out.”

Lawn mowers with 4-stroke engines must work ALWAYS horizontally. The maximum allowed inclination is 15 degrees. Do not be fooled by sellers who do not know what they sell. NEVER use the mower more than 15 ° inclination. (NO ENGINE PROPERLY LUBRICATES)
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