[Fabio M Costa] Information and advice on Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are unique. Why is memory foam so unique you might ask? Good question! A good question deserves a good answer! We lay it out for you. In a few minutes, you can read more about unique features and particular advantages of memory foam mattresses. Buying a memory foam mattress can not just do. Choosing the right memory foam mattress is quite a challenge. We will help you with the good information and tips! View memory foam mattress topper reviews

The properties associated with a memory foam mattress:

  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent adaptability
  • Healthy weight
  • Pressure-lowering effect (good for the muscles and joints)
  • Very good insulation
  • Resilient foam
  • Long lifespan

HOW IS THE NAME “memory foam” GENESIS?

In the 70 was developed by NASA memory foam. At the launch of the space shuttle is a huge power gear free (G-forces). To cope better with these forces and to distribute the body was developed memory foam. The memory foam was never actually used in space shuttles.

Memory foam mattresses have many names: NASA foam mattress, Visco elastic foam mattress, foam mattress comfort, anti-decubitus mattress, medical foam mattress, lazy foam mattress and memory foam mattress. All names fall within the concept mattress.

HOW IS a memory foam mattress MADE?

Memory foam is a unique material. Memory foam is made from polyurethane foam as polyether and cold foam. The difference between the types of foam can be found in the cell structure. Memory foam has empty cells that are air-permeable. Thus, the air will not be pressed together as the cells are pressed together. The result is that memory foam reacts delayed. Pressing the memory foam mattress takes more energy and bounce back to its original state is slower than other mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses consist almost never 100% from only memory foam. The top layer of memory foam mattress is made of memory foam. The nucleus where the memory foam top layer is attached to must be supportive and resilient. The following combinations are possible:

  • Cold foam core with memory foam top layer
  • Pocket Suspension core with memory foam top layer
  • Polyurethane foam core with memory foam top layer

CAST or foamed memory foam?

Memory foam can make in two ways: Casting and foaming. What difference does it will make you think? There are great differences in quality among molded memory foam and memory foam. Molded memory foam is of lesser quality. The biggest difference is the price. Molded memory foam is cheap because the production process is much shorter than in foams. Foamed memory foam is breathable and wicks moisture and heat thoroughly. How to recognize the different types of memory foam? Molded memory foam feels rubbery, and foam memory foam feels like a sponge.


How good a memory foam mattress can deal with moisture and body heat is dependent on the cell structure. Memory foam mattresses are made in two different types:

1. Memory foam with open cells
2. Memory foam with closed cell structure

Memory foam with open-cell structure has the best moisture and air ventilating properties. The combination of pocket sprung with memory foam gives the best ventilating effect. The memory foam feels cool to the touch and has good moisture management. A memory foam mattress with pocket springs core is ideal for sleepers who easily hot or sweat a lot.


Memory foam has an open or closed cell structure. The production of particular memory foam has an open or closed cell structure. The making of memory foam with an open cell structure lasts longer and therefore more expensive in price. Memory foam of high quality has an open cell structure. Cheaper memory foam mattresses often have a closed cell structure. The significant advantage of the open cell structure with memory foam mattresses is that wick moisture and drain well. The memory foam mattress will feel cool and fresh. Memory foam mattresses with an open cell structure suitable for sleepers who have difficult with a clammy feeling during sleep.


Density memory foam can vary widely. Density is expressed in kilograms per cubic meter. The values start at 40 kg per m3 run up to 85 kg per m3. The density tells you how close the cells tightly together per m3. The higher the values, the closer the cells are packed together. The density in memory foam says something about the weight per m3 and the density of the cell structure.

In cold foam and polyether foam is a higher SG or HR values well. With memory foam works differently. The more kilos, the more mass. The cells are smaller, thus increasing the density. The smaller the cells despite takes more breathability from memory foam. It has the effect that it is hot, less moisture away and slow-moving. Says something about the density, the hardness of memory foam? It says nothing about how soft or hard is a memory foam mattress.

What can you keep best if you buy a memory foam mattress? It is important to find a good balance between the cell density and the ventilation capacity of memory foam. The values that begin with the best memory foam from 50 kg per m3 to 65 kg per m3.