[Fabio M Costa] Embroidery Machines – a new world of creative ideas

With the best embroidery machine, a new world is full of creative ideas open to you

Endless creativity

You can if you want to embroider anything, e.g., Logos, names, etc. in both large and smaller sizes. It is possible to stitch preset designs. But what’s more fun than an idea to convert to a full embroidery. There are different kinds of embroidery machines. Below are the various embroidery machines will be explained in more detail.

Domestic stand-alone embroidery machine

This is an embroidery machine that can embroider only (not sewing). These embroidery machines are well suited for the seamstress who occasionally what do embroidery and while embroidering just wants to continue working on her sewing machine.

The combination sewing and embroidery machine

These are machines that are both sewing and embroidery machine. For someone just starting out with this hobby, there are already very competitive sewing and embroidery machines available. These are more limited in capability, but you can of course already very much.

If the demands are higher, there is available an embroidery machine for any desired level. The top devices of most computer brands can be found in this class.

The embroidery machines

Everyone has a fair, or a shopping mall saw a company that embroiders names on towels or motives baseball caps. They make use of this technique.

These embroidery machines can only embroider and seem no longer an ordinary sewing machine. They are equipped with multiple needles and can at high speed and without any time be changed yarn embroidery motifs. So you have a lot of embroideries, this is the kind of embroidery machine that you need.


All these tools can be used in combination with software. So you have the complete freedom to create a motif and the stabbing your desired embroidery. The variation and design possibilities depend on the embroidery package you choose.

Tips for the embroidery machine in a matter

Embroidery enthusiasts often face particular challenges, such as the nose, warping, about stabbing beaten and broken wire. Coordination of different elements embroidery when working with delicate fabrics to eliminate these challenges. Synchronization of each component, such as the type of production and the stabilizer weight, the appropriate size needle and thread, and the voltage is to change the quality of the products, the finished embroidery. Experimenting always comparable weight waste fabric before sewing on the material of the project. felling


Most seamstresses follow the rule of thumb when selecting sheets stabilizer. The heavier the weight of the fabric, the lighter the plate and the lighter weight of the material, the thickness of the plate. However, there is another challenge for lightweight fabrics. Stabilizing plates are usually located on the side of the fabric, whereby the shine through fine dust or transparent. Although most of the sewers using stabilizers against cracks, which are torn around the edges, often also to stretch tissue or cause deformation. Use Cut-away stabilizers, in which soft textures and transparent or poly-mesh to reduce the risk of wrinkling or ghost outlines around design.

Needle size

Using the wrong needle size with delicate fabrics results always marks visible puncture. Eliminate this frustration by selecting the appropriate size needle for the fabric type. Refer to the table of fabric and needle sizes in the manual of the embroidery machine. Needle sizes are available with different needle points, which influence the way in which the needle penetrates the tissue. For example, needles flat-tibia eye of standard size and are often interchangeable with sewing and embroidery. This type of needle is provided with a ball or sharp, depending on the kind of fabric. Cutting needles have a narrow pit, perfect for piercing through the dense texture and delicate fabrics needles ball for fine knits.

Voltage regulation

The size of the needle should automatically adjust the tension of the above thread. The size of the needle and the operating voltage of hand in hand together with other components, such as support, wire, and plate stabilizer. Always refer to the manual of the machine for the recommended charts drive voltage for adjusting or choking.


Using sewing thread for all applications embroidery always leads to strand breaks, on stabbing beaten and often broken needles. Sewing threads, generally used for sewing clothes, a structure other than yarn embroidery body. This type of wire has a slightly thicker and is resistant to high-density stitching to sections complete embroidered. Manufacturers such as Robison-Anton, Madeira or Floriani, produce different sizes and types of yarns such as polyester, cotton, rayon and silk. Read labels wire before your purchase thread for machine embroidery lace embroidery thread, which can be identified significant differences in quality.