A spray pressure

If there is an extra track on the outside of the paint jet at each side arises, there is the so-called “tailing” effect. This can be remedied by increasing the pressure of the pump or the paint slightly to thin out

airless spray pattern

In the picture above the tailing on the top two jobs to see. In this case, (an air airless pump) one had the pump pressure set too low, it stood at 4 bars. When the pump pressure was increased to 5 bars. the tailing was gone and one could the lower second spray stripes make which shows a good spray pattern. View airless paint sprayer reviews

Spraying distance

If the gun is held too close to the object, the paint will not get the opportunity to distribute itself sufficient. If one is equally against the paint jet the light like you see in the distance the paint distribution is optimal.This distance must be maintained during spraying.

Wear out

When working with a worn nozzle (nozzle or tip), you get in the center of the jet too much paint and the paint distribution will not be good, so get a new nozzle.

Spray angle

When working with a nozzle with a spray angle is too narrow, there must many jobs exactly are sprayed adjacent to a connecting plane to ranges. In practice, this is very difficult and will almost always cause uneven coating. Large areas are usually with a spray angle of at least sprayed 50 degrees.


When spraying is necessary to release the trigger after each spray movement. If one constantly by spraying without releasing the trigger, you get the turns a place with extra thick paint so that no uniform the surface is established.

How to spray with an airless spray gun.

Keep the airless spray gun at approximately 30 cm from the surface to be sprayed and keeps the right on the surface to be sprayed.

Move the airless spray gun parallel to the surface to be painted, make sure that the distance to the surface to be sprayed remains the same plus or minus 30 cm. Manual for the spraying of large areas.

  1. Keep gun perpendicular to the surface. (If not, the fluid is not evenly distributed evenly.)
  2. Distance to. Keep the surface area the same as the distance is determined by the beam width. (If not, the beam width and vary the thickness will not be uniform.)
  3. Pulling the trigger in the movement. (If one pulls the trigger and then starts it will encourage the movement or accumulation of fluid either unevenly applied layer.)
  4. At the end let go of a job trigger, and then begin again with the next job. (If you hold the trigger to turn one there is a brief moment of arrest, and an accumulation of fluid overlaps either unevenly applied layer.)
  5. The gun uniformly (at the same speed) move because this speed is determined by the layer thickness. (If the movement speed is different, the layer thickness will also be different)
  6. If one sets even higher demands on the surface to be sprayed can correct any jobs or stripe effect by overlapping the jobs for half. Even better is to apply the second layer then crosswise.


Orange Apple Effect. Too low spray pressure. Increase spray pressure.
A lot of spray. Too high spray pressure.
Too thin material.
Reduce the spray pressure.
Use less dilution.
For large beam width. Spray tip with a large
spray angle.
Select a spray tip with a
smaller spray angle.
Too small beam width. Spray tip with a small
spray angle.
Select a spray tip with a
larger spray angle.
Too much material yield. Excessive nozzle.
Material too thin.
Spray pressure too high.
Use a smaller nozzle. Reduce the spray pressure.
Too little material yield. Too small nozzle. Take larger spray tip.
Too thick material.
Excess yield in the
middle v / d range.
Worn spray tip.
Wrong spray tip.
Replace spray tip.
Material flows not pretty Material too thick thin material
Spray Pattern uneven. Nozzle soiled.
Nozzle damaged.
Nozzle Clean or
replace spray tip.
Too much material
tip holder.
Spray gun too close to the
object to be sprayed.
Too high spray pressure.
Hold the spray gun further at
the object being sprayed from.
Put spray pressure lower.
Splashing out nozzle after
Needle or needle seat of
gun worn.
Spray gun maintenance is
Drops along spray tip. Gasket or damaged tip. Renew gasket.
Refresh Spray tip.
Nozzle will soon close down No gun filter gun.
Gun Filter broken.
Gun Filter is too coarse.
Gun Screen check
before use, paint seven.
Always use suction.