[Fabio M Costa] Essential oil diffuser for the perfect atmosphere at home

The essential oil diffusers are the perfect gift for this holiday season. The electric essential oil diffuser is ideal for a wonderful smell in the house and accompanied by a beautiful lighting. Are you ready for a new atmosphere and thereby a new climate in the house? Then keep reading for more interesting information.

The electric essential oil diffuser

This electric essential oil diffuser is ideal for your living room. It divides a lovely scent throughout the house along with a nice color to give your room more warmth and atmosphere. With its shell in perforated ceramic and its color changes knows how to combine the evaporator of essential oils welfare and quality. The operation is very quiet and not only spreads a cold flavored vapor but also creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere to relax.

The diffusers create a wonderful atmosphere in your home and automatically distribute elegant fragrances. Plug the diffuser in your outlet and choose the desired fragrance intensity. Spend a summer feeling at home with this unique scent of fresh white flowers, sweet melon and subtle vanilla.

The distribution of pleasant odors

The essential oil diffusers are known for its delicious smells that are distributed in the house. It is a small device that combines wellness, design and technology useful and provides the ultimate atmosphere at home. You can choose what you want in your home to smell you. These make professional essential oil diffuser easy to use and is sufficient already been through a few drops of essential oil directly on the surface. When activated, it forms a cold mist that spread the scent of essential oils. The changing colors and elegant design make for a serene atmosphere in your home.

Operating instructions

For the use of all types of flavors lights in the house, it is important to take into account a few factors:

Where you place the electric aroma diffuser?

It is important to place the essential oil diffuser on a hard and flat surface. Not too close to the walls or heat sources such as a heater.

Water tank?

Turn the aroma diffuser never when the tank is empty and touch the water sensor absolutely not, because if you can disrupt the system.

The amount of water?

Fill the reservoir to the maximum with water. The devices with a water sensor will indicate when there is enough water in the reservoir.

Essential oils?

Use only essential oils for scent diffusers. Add no more than three or four drops to the water for ultimate distribution.


Never use the essential oil diffuser in one piece over a long period. Only a few times per day, about 30 minutes is long enough.

The entire contents of the Java aroma lamp is 100 ml.

Up to 7 hours of continuous vaporization.

Stops automatically when there is not enough water left in the reservoir.

Maintaining the aroma diffuser

Rich water can sometimes leave traces of calcium and magnesium in the essential oil diffuser. Here are some tips for dealing with your fragrance diffuser as well as possible.

Clean the evaporator by a few drops of vinegar to do the metal button and let it work (two to five minutes). Then brush the foam from the surface with a soft brush. Rinse with water. The tank cleaning is done with a wet cloth dampened in vinegar. Especially when you foam or lime residues observed in the reservoir.

Technical data

  • Contains a capacity reservoir
  • Switches off automatically.
  • The maximum evaporation (ml / h): 18
  • Suitable for distributing essential oils
  • Suitable for children
  • Steam cold air
  • Power (W) 12
  • Voltage (V) 24


People who are sensitive to fragrances should be careful when using this product. Read the instructions and precautions carefully before use and keep for future use. It is harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Keep them out of reach of children. On contact with eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes; remove contact lenses, if possible; continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: consult a doctor. The bottle and keep the fragrance diffuser upright after installation to leak. Never touch the appliance with wet hands or metal objects. Objects set within a range of 50 cm. Do not use an extension cord or power strip. The unit does not cover or behind curtains. Objects into the opening at the top stabbing in the aroma diffuser. Turn off the appliance if the refill is empty or missing. First, pull the device from the wall outlet before inserting a refill. Do not place near heat sources or in direct sunlight. Do not place on painted or plastic surfaces. The device can be hot during use. If damaged first turn off the power before removing the unit from the mains. Not permanently or without allowing surveillance in the same socket down.