[Fabio M Costa] Well-being with essential oils diffuser and treatments

LEMON Citrus essential oils diffuser review

Made of lemon peel by cold pressing

Aroma: – sweet, sharp, bright,


The antibiotic, antioxidant, bacteria contain viruses and destructive. Smooth Depression, fungal diseases prevention, refreshing.

Lemon oil is a very good body cleanser to remove harmful substances from the liver and kidneys especially in the popular flu season. Soothe and alleviate stress. Citrus fruits are used for example.

It is also a good muscle and joint pain as it promotes blood flow. As Lemon oil reduces stress, it also lowers blood pressure. A few drops of warm water to improve cough and throat inflammation. You should also try to asthma.

Lemon oil helps to break up bladder stones, so you should try to gallbladder disease.

It is said that Lemon would also affect the fat cells, so it is advisable to drink lemon water.

Note: The spray bottle 10 drops 5 ml water

Aromatic effect: Supports health, gives physical energy, and clean. You can vaporize a vaporizer or use moisturizers, but also rub the palm-sized and direct it to refresh breathing to give you new energy.

Internal use: Dilute 1 drop of lemon oil, a tablespoon of honey or 1 cup of something to drink, soy or rice milk or juice. Do not use for children under 6 years old.

Warning: After the use of lemon oil, avoid the sun for 12 hours, nevertheless, it may cause irritation because of UV radiation.

Essential oils diffuser reviews : Lemon uses

To calm and alleviate cold sores brush directly to the skin

Put a drop of lemon and peppermint toothbrush, it renews and refreshes your energy

Use the removal of chewing gum, an adhesive label and fatty substances in textiles

Get the lemon olive oil mixed with a non-toxic furniture polish

Lemon oil is used to remove ALL types of odors. E.g. the forgotten laundry in the washing machine, the goods stored in the basement, remove the mildew. Add a drop of the washing machine, spray lemon water above shoes or steam room in the air in the room.

If the resin is a carpet, clothes or on the skin, Lemon oil is excellent for the removal.

Add the oil, the lemon and put in a spray bottle and disinfect extractor hood, dining table, dishes, and other levels… Extra power, without chemicals, you can also add a little vinegar.

Only a small amount of lemon oil will help to remove the toilet odors, tub or shower accumulated mineral layers.

Polish the silver. A piece of fabric with a lemon oil helps to keep the shiny silver, especially when they can be reached as soon as they begin to darken.

Room plants by aphids. Lemon (or peppermint) oil mixed with water spray bottle is a natural pesticide that kills the aphids and the larvae immediately.

Instant energy: Fast, and for a refreshing energy, mix together with a few drops of Sirtuna, and a couple of drops of peppermint in a glass of water and drink.

Hengitysapu: Lemon using moisturizers helps soothe hissing breath, rhinitis, cough, and other symptoms of the respiratory tract.

Throat Soother: By adding a few drops of lemon in warm water and honey to fund cucumber, cough, and reduces fever. Lemon oil fights bacteria and viruses!

Lemon oil works well in nails and can help in the fight against foot fungus.

Soothe the nerves. When you use Lemon along with Lavender to put the vaporizer, you’ll find that the living is better, less feeling uneasy.

Indurations off: The next time, when you find calluses on your feet, rub a few drops of lemon and soon your skin is more complete.

Lemon Oil scatters petrochemicals and other toxins from the body. Put a couple of drops of water on a daily basis and a drink or rub on the liver and externally.

Nail care: Put dilutes coconut oil or cream and brush for nails and cuticles. Treated and cured with a claw.

Recipe: Strawberry-Lemon Smooth

2 cups of fresh lemon juice or lemonade

1 cup of strawberries

1 piece of lemon juice

4 tip Lemon oil

4 tip Lime oil

3 cups of Curb

3 tablespoons sugar or stevia ½ teaspoons

Put all the ingredients into the blender and mix.

Use can use this mixture to remove odor in your room or regularly remain good aroma in your house, car, etc.