[Fabio M Costa] Tips for the pack and play purchase

The prices for pack and play are enormously different, therefore, one should compare absolutely. Since pack and play is often used only over a very short period of time, it makes sense to look for when buying any even for a used pack and play. Many deals can be found on the social network sites or Ebay and often also in the family, relatives and friends. In older models, it is often possible to clean them or to repaint before use. Used pack and play can save much money. It is especially important to make sure the pack and play is still well preserved.


Besides the known classified sites like Ebay and Quoka, there are often very well preserved second-hand markets for your baby. The advantage of such transactions is that the owners can get a pack and play with more reasonable price.


eBay is the largest online auction site and there is no wonder that many used pack and plays are sold there. One has to be lucky to find a well-preserved model here and it is worth to write to the previous owners or even better call to get a better picture of the state of the pack and play. It offers retrench to search on Ebay, so only available used pack and plays displays near the residence for sale.


Baby bazaars there are in every major city. This system of are known for the same used baby and children’s products. The great advantage here: you can inspect the pack and play personally and check the state directly. You should attend baby bazaar take the opportunity because the chance to buy good used pack and play there is very high.


Each local newspaper usually offers once a week the possibility of shopping for second-hand tools for baby. Here, used pack and play for children are often sold and you have the advantage that you can view the pack and play front purchase if the seller lives in the area. The pack and play can then be taken directly in the trunk and one saves the expensive shipping costs when buying on Ebay.

We hope our tips have helped you needed to find a pack and play with affordable price and you are satisfied with the used playpen.

Some of the pack and play’s disadvantages


Of course, you want to give your child as much freedom of movement as possible which is already limited when you put your baby in the pack and play. The easiest solution is a greater pack and play for the baby, however, it takes more space in the living room. Depending on the size of the room the pack and play can then quickly be bothersome. Also, at the bottom of the pack and play, there are mounted rollers which are not used when space is lacking.

Loss of function

Sometimes, a pack and play quickly loses tremendously its intended purpose and turn out to be a toy storage.

Purchase and safety tips for pack and play

The following checklist has compiled the Consumer Information System:

  • The model should have a label (“GS” for tested safety or other quality marks)
  • Instructions and assembly instructions must be understandable.
  • After formation, the pack and play of the children should have – particularly between the frame and floor – no accessible shear or pinch points exist (risk of entrapment of the fingers).
  • Check strength and spacing of the bars, so that you can treasure trapped in no case the head and neck in it!
  • Pack and play can be equipped with rollers or wheels, but at least two must be identifiable and in a way that the child can not solve themselves.
  • On pack and play, any detachable small parts, which could swallow the child should be get rid of.
  • Pay attention to material losses, such as splintering wood.
  • The pack and play must not have any sharp corners or sharp screws.
  • The pack and play should be properly marked for complaint cases (product name, a trademark of the manufacturer or wholesaler, possibly additional identifiers).
  • Pack and play bottomless represent a fundamental risk because the child can move or lift the frame on its own and so z. B. enters the kitchen or the stairs.