[Fabio M Costa] The 5 best tips for beginners in carpentry

Today, I try to compile the top 5 tips I would give to a beginner in carpentry to help them get started. Let’s go!

During carpentry

For a long time, I was not manual … I am still not! Yet at the time I write this, I realize almost all of my furniture myself. In less than a year, I had gone from being “double left” (person with an incredible gift … that of having two left hands) at the intermediate level handyman status. I stored some experience and I would like to share the top 5 tips for you.


It is for me an essential quality you must possess. This quality is valid at any age and in any area of our life. It is the tireless desire to learn. Indeed, I am convinced that this is the SECRET of successful people. I digress a little but yourself as professional life, no person can know EVERYTHING. It is, therefore, necessary to form.

That is what I did ! The best way to do this – and is not inexpensive at all- is to attend DIY forums. The Internet is a wealth of information. Sometimes you come across interesting blogs, sometimes you do not find the information you want. Forums are then there to take over as mutual aid prevails. You always come across a kind soul to help. So go ahead and learn what you do not know yet!


Well, it is high time for you to start and make your first piece of furniture, with its flaws but you will see, you will be proud! Worse, you learn from your mistakes – because you will do – and you will, therefore, be improved …
I am among those who think that you learn more from mistakes than successes so do not wait, go for it!


If you followed the first 2 tips, no doubt you’ll want to go further. At this stage, a tool becomes essential as it is versatile. This is the router. Router is a tool that will allow you to boards assemblies, moldings, holes, grooves and so on …

To go further in carpentry, you will go through it. Or, if a tool for which they do not skimp on quality, this is one! Indeed, its use requires precision and this quality is unfortunately not present in the first price chinoiserie. Also, belt disc sander is also an important tool. View all belt disc sander reviews.


A plank of planed and trued wood is a wooden board which, through the use of a beautiful but noisy and expensive tool, is in the shape of a perfect cuboid. If you buy raw wood, your board will have all the geometrical defects of the world and the troubles begin … Now you are beginners and the goal is not only to enjoy but also to achieve an object, a piece of furniture, admittedly imperfect, which like what you imagined at the start!

Perfectly planed boards and thus gather wood plank to marvel and your job will be easy!


This advice # 4 seems to be especially important to me because often overlooked by the novice. Yet the set is the number one factor for precise and safe. What could be more foolish than to miss a connection because your piece of wood just changed accidentally during the crucial step!

A suitable set of your achievements thus seems to be important. I suggest you make it yourself because there is rarely good in the first set and a price established spacious and well designed far beyond the budget of a beginner.

I advise you to complete the manufacture of that established by purchasing a minimum a pair of clamps. This pair of clamps will be your ally to secure the pieces of wood on your workbench and thus gain precision, speed and above all safe.
You will feel like to have 3 arms! Yes, yes !