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[Rafael Carício] Standards in specification of RESTful API’s and why do it?

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

I have been looking for ways and standards to specify RESTful API’s. Since then I have been with a lot of tabs opened in my web browser just to not loose the url’s and interesting things I have found out there. So, I realized that I can maybe help someone else if I put all those url’s I found in a blog post. So, then here I am.

Below is a list of links I have found and some thoughts about each of them.

In my current job I’m writing an micro-framework called Tapioca for help people to create API’s using Tornado. I have decided to create this project because I didn’t found anything similar to use with Tornado. In Django you can use Tastypie or Django-rest Framework. Tornado projects can be made in so far different ways than in Django because in Django you normally follow an common sense to create projects and the framework is used in all levels of the application, since the database access until the web interface. Using Tornado you are completely free to use anything to database access and you not tells the framework which are and how are your models.
The objective of Tapioca is to provide a common behaviour to manage resources as close as possible to the definition of your RESTful API. I’m trying to follow the best practices of creation of RESTful API’s. Other objective is to provide a automatic API specification in WADL and Swagger - so, then you will be able to use the apigee console or generate your own console using Swagger-ui.
I am working right now to figure out a way to generate those metadata to generate the specifications about an API created using Tapioca. I will post soon about it and while I am woking you can track what I am doing in the project github.
I’m not a native english speaker so if you found anything that I wrote is incorrect. Please, tell me and I will correct it.