[Igor Sobreira] Command line interface to FMS Admin

Published on: 25/12/2011 13:29h

I’ve been working with Flash Media Server for the last 8 months now, and
one tool that really annoys me is the Administration Console. I miss a
command line interface to accomplish tasks like see all live streams, reload
an app, etc.

That’s why I’ve started the fms-admin-api. It’s a command line
client to Flash Media Server Administration API.
Since it’s written in ruby, it’s possible to use the ruby client class directly.
Use rubygems to install:

$ gem install fms-admin-api

The way it works is really simple. Here is an example: there is a reloadApp() method available
that accepts the arguments host, auser,
apswd and appInst. The command line interface just replaces
from camelCase syntax to underscore:

$ fmsapi reload_app –host=fms.example.com –auser=fms –apswd=secret –app_inst=live

There are improvements to be made
and help is welcome.

By Igor Sobreira