[Flávio Ribeiro] Time to move on

Hey there, here I am, after one year without posting anything. During this time away from here, a lot of things have happened in my life.

To summarize, I’ve finished my bachelor degree at IFPB in João Pessoa and changed city twice. The first move was to Campina Grande, to start a masters degree in Computer Science at UFCG, but i’ve completely failed. It seems that I cannot stand more time in classrooms, at least this year.

Then, I’ve moved to Rio de Janeiro, where I’ve started working at Globo.com. I’m here for about 20 days and I’m really enjoying :) . I’m still looking for a place to live, getting used to (strange, not saying ugly) cariocas accent and workin’ a lot. I hope to spend a good time here.

Wish me luck!