[Fabio M Costa] django-meio-easytags released!

I just released a project I have been working today. A long time ago, I was tired of parsing my template tags by hand, then I created a BaseNode to do this work for me and all I had to do was subclass it and define the method to render the context.

Last friday, my friend Diego Fleury asked me for some help developing a template tag and I talked to him about my old BaseNode. When I showed the code to him, he didn’t understand it so did I. So I wanted to make it cleaner and developed the project django-meio-easytags. It’s hosted at Github (http://github.com/vbmendes/django-meio-easytags/).

It’s very easy to create your own template tags with it. Take a look: https://github.com/vbmendes/django-meio-easytags/blob/master/README

Any comments and contributions are welcome.