[Bernardo Heynemann] Dream Team – Part II – The Team’s Values


In the last part of the ACME’s iNews saga, John, Susan, Jane, Jake, Christian and Joseph set out to start the product.

They decided that, in order to consistently deliver and provide value to the company, they needed to get their team’s values straight. What do they believed in as a group? What principles and ideals would they uphold and work by? So they got together and after some brainstorming they came to the following Team Values Statement.

Team Values

The following values are what the entire team considers fundamental and is committed to upholding.

  1. Every process exists for the sole purpose of being challenged and improved;
  2. The best time to solve any problem or defect is now;
  3. Code only has value in production. Unreleased code is waste;
  4. Respect and Fun, with responsibility;
  5. We own the product!;
  6. Automate everything you possibly can, except people;
  7. Tranparency above everything. No questions can be invalid or taboo.

Mission Statement

They finish their value statement with their mission statement:

  • These are our values and we commit to them and to one another.
  • We also recognize that our purpose is to create value for the organization.


These values are not something the team “agreed” on, or just accepted. This is a set of common values that they share and will uphold above everything.

There’s a big difference in agreeing with or accepting something and sharing a value with someone. The fundamental difference is commitment. People are committed to their values and this team is committed to the values above.

I’ll explain in detail in further posts every single one of the values they outlined as they discussed (I was invited to the discussion).