[Flávio Ribeiro] Google Summer of Code and BlueZ

If you’re my friend i think you’ve noticed that i’m participating on Google Summer of Code of this year on BlueZ project. If you don’t, be noticed right now. :)

I started to code with a really big delay (i started now and should have started 3 weeks ago) due to things related to university and my job but i’ll be as fast as possible to make things done on time.

I made my first commit (and push) just to test the environment and i think that from now on i’ll spend more time on BlueZ coding and bothering my mentor. I’ve reduced my workload in the company and now it seems that things will be alright.

My project is described here and the gitorious project is here. I’m totally open to discussions about implementation, receive tips and so forth.

If you want to know the news about my journey, stay tuned to this blog.

Hey, i almost forgot. Thanks for git lessons and all tips you’re teaching me, thiagoss!