[Fabio M Costa] Meio.Autocomplete, Mootools Autocomplete plugin

Meio.Autocomplete Docs and Demos

Yeah, we haven’t posted for a while, but it’s time to show you some great code I’ve been working on these days.

I’ve been searching for a good auto-complete plugin for a while. Found some good ones but none of them is perfect and I sometimes had to change their codes to get what I wanted on my projects. So I got tired and decided that I should do my own. My “perfect” one.

Basically I wanted an auto-complete plugin that would act as a select DOM element, which means, when I select a value on the auto-complete list the id of this option is setted somewhere (a hidden field for example) and I needed to have access to the “select” and “deselect” events, that would be fired when I select and deselect an option, respectively.

Meio.Autocomplete does all these simple tasks and more. It’s full of options and I made it in a way that it would be easy to set it up. I really recommend you to take a look at its documentation and see the demos to understand how it works. You can change the demos code too if you wish and run the resulting code, thanks to Mooshell.

I’m open to new ideas, bug fixes, new options etc…
Feel free to comment and ask anything (help included) on the documentations page.

Meio.Autocomplete Docs and Demos