[Fabio M Costa] meioMask 1.1.2 version released!

meioMask 1.1.2 is out! It basically adds some sugar to the 1.1.1 version. See the changelog on this post for more info.

Added 1 new options:

  • setSize (default=false): sets the input size based on the length of the mask (work with fixed and reverse masks only).

Everyone that has 1.1.1 working ok is encouraged to change to 1.1.2.

meioMask for jQuery

meioMask for Mootools!

meioMask’s page at jquery.com

meioMask’s Git project page


  • Accepts paste event;
  • Haves fixed, reverse (currency) and repeat mask types;
  • You can still use your hot keys and others (ex: ctrl+t, ctrl+f5, TAB …);
  • Supports metadata plugin;
  • Works with iPhone;
  • Allow default values;
  • Haves callbacks for invalid inputs, valid and overflow;
  • Haves function to mask strings;
  • Support for positive and negative numbers on reverse masks;
  • Can auto-focus the next form element when the current input is completely filled.



  • Set defaultValue property of the input. This fixes the behavior of the reset button on forms. Now the value will be reseted to the masked value;
  • âêô were added to the ‘@’ rule;
  • Fix for the auto-tab feature, it now focus just on visible form elements;
  • Added setSize option. It sets the input size based on the length of the mask (work with fixed and reverse masks only).


  • Fixed caret bug on ‘repeat’ masks;
  • Fixed keyup event on fixed masks, it is now firing propertly;
  • Added selectCharsOnFocus option;
  • Added textAlign option.


  • Mask type ‘infinite’ is now called ‘repeat’ (using ‘infinite’ still works but it is deprecated). It now allows a maxLenght value to be set. MaxLength can be set by the maxLength attribute of the element or the maxLength option;
  • You can easily set an autoTab option that will focus the next form element when the masked input is totally filled. It is true by default but you can put a jQuery selector string to match the next element you want to be focused.
  • Deprecated ‘unmaskVal’ function. This function is too buggy… works for most cases but not all. The best way to unmask a value is by doing it yourself;
  • The fixedChars option is not global anymore, giving more flexibility for the masks;
  • ‘phone-us’ mask is now ‘(999) 999-9999′;
  • Correctly fires the onChange event on reverse masked inputs.

You can see the plugin page here. It contains documentation and examples. Please tell me any bug, new feature, english errors on documentation…. anything! I’ll be glad to hear your feedback and make the fixes. Hope it helps you!