[Claudio Figueiredo] ASP.NET MVC Experiences - Part 1, The Setup

First of all I did what as every developer experienced in the RTFM methodology should do I went to it’s Site and download the installer.

As I didn’t found the binaries and was not in the mood of build the source (oh yeah, there is a source available for a change) I’ve downloaded the Installer just to check it out.

As a I installed the package, the usual NNF*, I was currently happily surprised to find no reference in the GAC. Only changes noticed so far were a new Visual Studio Template called ASP.NET MVC Web Application and a Start Menu Item Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 which leads you the a folder containing the set of assemblies needed to run a ASP.NET MVC Application. (Duh!)

Normally I would go my usual way, creating a new structure using a Stormwind Project template and setting the references, but as I’ve been having a nice user experience so far I’ve decided to take the full trip MS induced experience.

Open up Visual Studio, selected New Project, Visual C# / Web and ASP.NET MVC Web Application named my Project , and then the first surprise:











Yes, it’s a nice change see anyone at MS thinking in Test First, but the only test framework supplied is the MS Test. First I got a little angry, but then I realized that it’s a MS product after all. :)

Well I’m a NUnit guy and as such I started digging how to make ASP.NET MVC works with another test framework.

After taking a look at it, and checked out it really works, I decided it was not worth it.

The main issue is exactly the wizard that, for some arcane reason, only is setup to show the Test Framework of your choice, changing a registry key.

Hope you now I didn’t like it a bit, so I decided to make my own template with the basic structure settled.

Thanks to my friend Bernardo cant-wait-till-you-get -home-so-I-did-it Heynemann, we already got Windsor container up and running.

Next Post, working with ASP.MVC and overall feeling so far.

*NNF:Next, Next, Finish.