[Fabio M Costa] 9 tips and tricks to a good start sewing

April 23rd, 2016

Tip # 1: Define your creative project

Above all, take the time to choose your project carefully. It may meet a need, or just a little fun to create. In all cases, take note of the materials you will need and select your cloth according to your project (the film is very often mentioned).

Internet abounds with free and paid bosses, take the time to choose! HERE you will find various sewing tutorials. We recommend such a simple project, a package or a pouch that allows you to make straight seams and familiarize yourself with the different tools.

Tip # 2: Take your time

We cannot say it enough, but “precipitation is source of error” and often ultimately, frustration. Set yourself some simple goals, cut your project into steps, and affix postage you gradually.

For example, give yourself a night to trace your boss, another for cutting pieces, and a third for assembly.

Tip 3: equip yourself well

There are basic tools any seamstress needs. Among them we can mention:

Sewing scissors: a big pair to cut tissue, and a small pair (type seamstress scissors or embroidery) for precision cuts.

A seam ripper, very convenient to break some seams and buttonholes.

Paper, rulers (flat and round, also called parrot), a pencil and paper roll (to raise and / or draw patterns)

A sewing machine: There are very different from the entry at Lidl and Ikea (80 to 100 €) to more complex machines € 300 to over € 1,000 for major brands such as Brother, Pfaff, Singer or for Bernina the most known. To choose the best, we recommend that section of Little Lemon. You need to equip you the best sewing machines for beginners. If you want to sew by hand, grab needles for hand sewing.

Sewing thread! There are hundreds of colors. If you have a doubt, you might prefer a darker tone than your fabric.

Prodigy pins or clips (for fragile tissues) to assemble your parts.

The tailor chalk (erasable)

Here ! With all this material, you are ready to take your first steps into the wonderful world of fashion! You will find a multitude of sewing items in our online haberdashery.

Tip 4: book yourself a room for sewing

To sew, you need necessarily a space. This can be the dining table dining, office or … The floor directly! Well, to use your sewing machine, a small desk (or table) will be almost mandatory ”</p

[Fabio M Costa] The best camping tents 2016

April 18th, 2016

How to choose the best camping tents? That’s a great question to ask if you appreciate the nature walks and camping. The answer to this question is simple, the best tents 2016 are those that meet the needs, budget, and which are solid and easy to transport, install and uninstall. If you are looking for the right tent for 4 people then the Coleman Instant Tent Tourer is the one for you.

It is an ideal freestanding tent for a group of 4 people or for those who own an RV and receiving guests. By opting for this tent, you’ll get a large entrance and a spacious living room for 4 people. The tent can be assembled and disassembled in less than a minute and it can put you out of the wind, heat and rain. Also note that this tent is flame resistant and inside is very airy.

By opting for this tent you choose innovative systems such as AreaManagement System, the AirFlo or WeatherTec System and all are able to provide you comfort during your night hike. Moreover, as this tent weighs only 7 kg, you can easily transport it.

Coleman Cobra


In case you are wondering what tent to buy for 2 persons then the obvious answer to this question is the tent Coleman Cobra.

This is a tunnel tent designed to accommodate 2 persons who appreciate the wonders of nature. With this tent you will be sheltered from the wind, rain, water seepage and prying eyes. Moreover, you will enjoy all the space you need, because the inside of the tent is really spacious.

Also, this is a tent that was created to last over time and therefore you can afford to take it wherever you go, because in addition to all its qualities, this tent is really light. In fact, it weighs just 2 kilos and although these poles are aluminum, they are still very easy to transport.

For assembling and dismantling of the tent, it takes less than a minute and everyone can do it. Also note that this tent is supplied with a repair kit to prevent the problem that day are rare because Coleman Cobra was built to be strong and well withstand shocks and weather.

Coleman Ridgeline

If you are looking for the best camping tent Coleman, you’ll be delighted to go for the tent Coleman Ridgeline. It’s a tent for 4 persons, developed to resist weathering, water seepage and insects. Which is trying to remember with this is that its interior is large enough to contain two bedrooms and a small living room. In addition, the outside of the tent can serve veranda when the day comes.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, enjoying a smart coating, lightweight design, and this tent is definitely made for people who like comfort and beautiful things. Indeed, thanks to this tent, it is possible to install camping furniture in the living room and air mattresses in the rooms to enjoy true comfort outdoors. Moreover, it is possible to store business through pockets built into the lining of the tent.

Even sites specializing in comparative tents will tell you that the 4 persons tent Coleman Ridgeline is one that has the best price / quality ratio. Also keep in mind that this tent is easy to carry, because it is enough to put it in its carrying bag of it.

Skandika Toronto

What is the best tent for 8 persons? The answer is Skandika Toronto! It’s a giant tent for large families or groups composed of 8 people.

Easy to mount, manufactured in robust materials to resist to weather and shocks, easy to carry and above all, very spacious, the giant tent Skandika Toronto will satisfy you if you have to camp in groups of 8.

Inside the tent, you will find a large living room and three large cabins and you will not be cramped because the tent ceiling is high enough to be able to do activities when the weather is not forgiving.

The frames fiberglass tent are strong enough to allow you to keep trying for several weeks and despite the number of people who can stay there, the air will always be good, because the tent has a good ventilation system.

Although the tent requires several people to be mounted, it still remains easy to assemble and easy to disassemble. Furthermore, it is normal that the tent is a bit heavy, but despite this, it is very easy to carry thanks to its transport bag.

In short, this is a tent very good bill that will not disappoint you and in which you and your family can have a good time.

[Fabio M Costa] The benefits of food preservation by dehydration

April 17th, 2016

Food Dehydrator allows food drying gently which has the advantage of preserving both all the taste and vitamins for a long time. Check out this sweet dehydration process and its benefits.

How does it work ?


The food Dehydrator allows you to simply and effectively dry all types of fresh food: fruit, vegetable, sauce, herb or even soup.

Simply wash and cut the food you want to dry in slices and not too thick (0.5cm maximum) then arrange on the plates of the food dehydrator.

The device will then propel evenly heated air between 40 ° C and 45 ° C for several hours. The dryers are equipped with an automatic timer: Once the programmed drying time, they take care of everything.

The temperature reached by the dehydrator is very soft and does not exceed 50 ° C. This temperature does not cook food but is sufficient to evaporate all the water they contain. Food is then slowly and totally dehydrated.

Keep your food longer

Fresh vegetables dehydrated using a food dehydrator

The advantage of such a process is that it gradually and completely dries food. For better food preservation, dehydration can be supplemented by a vacuum and / or freezing, for example, you can use best vacuum sealer to protect your food. Indeed, water is not the only factor responsible for the oxidation of foods: the temperature and the presence of air are also determining factors. Even in the absence of moisture, vitamins and enzymes oxidise in air.

Dehydration of fruits


Wash the apricots, cut them in half to extract the kernel. Arrange the apricot halves skin side down on the plate drier.

Drying time> 24 to 30 hours


Peel the pineapple and remove the eyes and heart of the pineapple. Cut the fruit into slices or small pieces with a thickness of 0.5 cm.

Drying time> 14 to 20 hours


Peel the bananas and cut them into slices or rings of 0.3 to 0.5 cm thick.

drying time> 8 to 12 hours


Wash, remove the stalks and stone the cherries. Cut in half and place them on food dehydrator plate face down.

Drying time> 18 to 22 hours


Wash the figs. You can leave them whole (longer drying time) or cut into slices.

Drying time> 25 to 30 hours


Wash and hull strawberries. Cut into thin slices 0.5 cm thick.

Drying time> 10 to 15 hours


Peel the kiwis and cut into slices 0.5 cm thick.

drying time> 10h till 18h


Wash the blackberries and arrange them on the food dehydrator tray.

Drying time> 14 to 20 hours


Wash, seed and cut the pears into slices of 0.5 cm. You can also split the four.

Drying time> 12 to 20 hours


Peel the apples and remove the seeds. Cut into slices of 0.5 cm in thickness.

Drying time> 15 to 20 hours


Wash the plums and cut them in half to remove the kernel. Incise the skin of the fruit to encourage dehydration.

Drying time> 24 to 30 hours


Wash the grapes and remove the stalks them.

Drying time> 25 to 30 hours


Wash and hull the tomatoes. Cut into 0.5 cm thick. For the cherry tomatoes cut them just two and arrange on the plate of food drying the skin side down.

Drying time> 10 to 12 hours

Conservation dehydrated foods

A healthy diet

Drying food in the food dehydrator is at a mild temperature. Unlike a furnace, the drier does not submit the food to a temperature above 50 ° C. In this way all the flavors and vitamins, enzymes and nutrients minerals are perfectly conserved.

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are the same nutritional benefit than raw food; the use of a dehydrator is particularly recommended for a raw food diet or to fill vitamin deficiencies.

Did you know ?

Most vitamins are very sensitive to heat. This is the case of water soluble vitamins are saying that are destroyed from 60 ° C. Water-soluble vitamins are vitamin C, the B vitamins and niacin (PP).

The failure of one of these vitamins can have harmful consequences for your health, so it is advisable to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Use a food dehydrator can effectively keep fruits and vegetables in season to enjoy their benefits all year.

Our advice to dehydrate your fruit

The drying time depends directly on the amount of water contained in the fruit, and thus may vary depending on the product quality.

You can also adjust the drying time depending on the rendering more or less crispy expected.

Recommended temperature: 45 ° C

[Fabio M Costa] The 5 best tips for beginners in carpentry

April 16th, 2016

Today, I try to compile the top 5 tips I would give to a beginner in carpentry to help them get started. Let’s go!

During carpentry

For a long time, I was not manual … I am still not! Yet at the time I write this, I realize almost all of my furniture myself. In less than a year, I had gone from being “double left” (person with an incredible gift … that of having two left hands) at the intermediate level handyman status. I stored some experience and I would like to share the top 5 tips for you.


It is for me an essential quality you must possess. This quality is valid at any age and in any area of our life. It is the tireless desire to learn. Indeed, I am convinced that this is the SECRET of successful people. I digress a little but yourself as professional life, no person can know EVERYTHING. It is, therefore, necessary to form.

That is what I did ! The best way to do this – and is not inexpensive at all- is to attend DIY forums. The Internet is a wealth of information. Sometimes you come across interesting blogs, sometimes you do not find the information you want. Forums are then there to take over as mutual aid prevails. You always come across a kind soul to help. So go ahead and learn what you do not know yet!


Well, it is high time for you to start and make your first piece of furniture, with its flaws but you will see, you will be proud! Worse, you learn from your mistakes – because you will do – and you will, therefore, be improved …
I am among those who think that you learn more from mistakes than successes so do not wait, go for it!


If you followed the first 2 tips, no doubt you’ll want to go further. At this stage, a tool becomes essential as it is versatile. This is the router. Router is a tool that will allow you to boards assemblies, moldings, holes, grooves and so on …

To go further in carpentry, you will go through it. Or, if a tool for which they do not skimp on quality, this is one! Indeed, its use requires precision and this quality is unfortunately not present in the first price chinoiserie. Also, belt disc sander is also an important tool. View all belt disc sander reviews.


A plank of planed and trued wood is a wooden board which, through the use of a beautiful but noisy and expensive tool, is in the shape of a perfect cuboid. If you buy raw wood, your board will have all the geometrical defects of the world and the troubles begin … Now you are beginners and the goal is not only to enjoy but also to achieve an object, a piece of furniture, admittedly imperfect, which like what you imagined at the start!

Perfectly planed boards and thus gather wood plank to marvel and your job will be easy!


This advice # 4 seems to be especially important to me because often overlooked by the novice. Yet the set is the number one factor for precise and safe. What could be more foolish than to miss a connection because your piece of wood just changed accidentally during the crucial step!

A suitable set of your achievements thus seems to be important. I suggest you make it yourself because there is rarely good in the first set and a price established spacious and well designed far beyond the budget of a beginner.

I advise you to complete the manufacture of that established by purchasing a minimum a pair of clamps. This pair of clamps will be your ally to secure the pieces of wood on your workbench and thus gain precision, speed and above all safe.
You will feel like to have 3 arms! Yes, yes !

[Fabio M Costa] Necessary tools for your woodworking

April 11th, 2016


To work properly with this tool, it must be chosen the appropriate screwdriver to screw type to be tightened or loosened, depending on the cleavage of its head (slot, cross, star, etc.) and their size, must be used, as most fits said groove.

Before using a screwdriver should be checked that is in good condition, the most common defects:

  • The presence of cracks in the handle or misshapen head from misuse, there is a risk of splinters in his hands.
  • The rod handle is loose or twisted, with the risk of causing injury to your hand.
  • As for its use, once located the tip of the screwdriver on the screw head, the effort must be made vertically in order to prevent the tool from slipping and can cause injury.
  • The free hand should be placed so that it is not in the possible path of the screwdriver. To this end, the part containing the screw must stand on a firm place and should never be handheld.
  • Do not use the screwdriver as a lever or chisel, because besides causing the risk of various injuries, the tool deteriorates.
  • When a screw rotating resist must proceed to its lubrication and force the screwdriver with another tool, such as pliers. Also, when it wears out or round the tip of a screwdriver, you must repaired with a grindstone or file, trying not to lose temper by heating. This must be done with safety glasses.


Precautions to consider in managing this tool are:

  • The tool must be provided with a metal ring at the junction between the handle and the blade.
  • Gouges handled by hitting them with a hammer must be fitted with a metal tip protection that is struck.
  • When working with this tool, the part must be tightly attached to a support and the edge of the blade should not be directed to any part of the body.
  • The cutting part of the chisel must always be sharp.

Also, the use of sander is dangerous. Therefore, look for belt sander reviews on the internet.


They are very frequently used tools in various workplaces. They differ in size, the type of cut that can perform (thinner or thicker) depending on the distance between your teeth and cross section.

As with any hand tool before you start working with a file that should be checked:

  • The handle has no chips or cracks
  • The body of the file is not worn or dulled teeth
  • The pin penetrates sufficiently into the handle
  • The pin is not twisted or what is the same, the axis of the handle and tang are aligned

As regards the management of these tools should keep in mind the following safety recommendations:

  • When you need to place the handle to a file, have a handle with metal ferrule ring or at the point of penetration of the pin. Then take the file with a protected safety glove and hit the handle against the workbench or hand with a hammer.
  • Ensure handles frequently.
  • Do not use lime as a lever, and the pin is soft and bends easily while the body is brittle and can break.
  • Do not hit them with a hammer.
  • Since the files are easily oxidized, should be kept clean, dry and separate from other tools
  • When a file is used, push forward exerting the necessary pressure and lift it slightly back.
  • Whenever teeth are blunted, you must clean the body of the file with a brush.


These tools are widely used in mechanical work. The greater the opening of the mouth, the greater should be the length of the key, in order to achieve the lever arm according to the work effort of the tool.

According to the work to be done there are different types of keys, namely fixed mouth, cube or star, tube, also called adjustable spanner or wrench and spanner located.

Accidents with these tools originate when the key is beyond the point of operation and the effort made on it is suddenly interrupted, causing a stroke. To this can contribute improper storage of the tool that usually cause the following problems:

  • Bent or worn mouth
  • Elements damaged, loose or lacking grease regulation
  • Dirty mouths and handles fat

Safety recommendations are given to consider in the management of these tools:

  • Whenever possible, use spanners in preference to adjustable.
  • Always choose the key that fits the head of the nut to be tightened or loosened.
  • Emplacement of the key perpendicularly to the axis of the nut. Failure to do so, you run the risk of slipping.
  • To tighten or loosen nuts must act pulling the key, never pushing. If the nut does not leave, proceed to lubrication without forcing the tool. Neither the lever arm of the key should be increased by coupling a tube to make stronger.
  • the keys should not be used to hit mode hammers or crowbars.
  • These tools must be kept clean. In the adjustable should be regularly oiling the opening mechanism of the jaws.

[Emerson Macedo] Slides da palestra na QCon SP 2016

March 29th, 2016

Ontem a tarde estive na QCon SP falando um pouco sobre nosso case relacionado ao autorizador de vídeos para assinantes do Globosat Play. Contei sobre os problemas que passamos e as soluções que encontramos para realizar as mudanças necessárias para que o produto mantivesse uma boa experiência para seus usuários assinantes.

Em breve a organização publicará o vídeo que estará disponível no meu profile no InfoQ Brasil. Por ora, estou colocando aqui os slides da apresentação.

QCon SP 2016 - Video Authorization: from chaos to 25ms response time from Emerson Macedo

[Emerson Macedo] Slides e Vídeo da QCON Rio 2015

March 16th, 2016

Saiu no InfoQ Brasil, o vídeo da minha palestra na Qcon Rio 2015.

A apresentação que fiz foi para dissecar os internals dos microservices do GloboTV e Globosat Play.

O vídeo publicado não está com os slides aparecendo. Já avisei a organização sobre isso e em breve eles devem fazer os ajustes necessários, vou colocar os slides aqui também para que possam ser acompanhados juntamente com o vídeo, que pode ser acessdo aqui.


Qcon Rio 2015 - Microservices from Emerson Macedo

[Agile Tales] Comment on When you are struggling: what agile is really about by Jeff Patton

January 20th, 2016


I really like this… and I think you know I agree wholeheartedly.

There’s lots of odd paradox about process. We need just enough of it to work together. Too much moves our focus from what we’re trying to accomplish to the process – it makes the process what we’re trying to accomplish. Too little makes it challenging for us to work together.

In classes these days I do a quick word association. That is I write down the word “process” and ask participants to give me first words that come to mind. The words that come up usually aren’t particularly uplifting and give some strong hints about the culture they work in. I then write down the word “game” and ask participants to shout out the first words that come to mind. In addition to words like “fun,” and “team,” I often hear words like “competitive,” and “winning.”

It seems to me that games have just enough rules to allow us to play together as a team, have fun, and focus on the real object of the game – ideally to win. Winning in software [for me] is building a successful product.

Contrast that to the processes most companies labor under. Just surviving a process seems like winning at times. Winning at process is often “doing it right,” or “following the rules.”

One thing I recall from working with your company is that your leaders, most of them, seemed focused on winning the game. That’s the best cultural foundation a process can have.

Reminding people that process should feel like we’re playing a game has helped me a lot lately. Some folks still don’t like the Scrum game. I’ve often South Americans complain about US football that there’s “too many meetings.” :-) One agile “game” may not be right for every culture – but within an organization and especially a team, it’s important that we all be playing the same game.

[Agile Tales] Comment on When you are struggling: what agile is really about by Gebhard Greiter

January 20th, 2016

We need to think beyond the Agile Manifesto — the Manifesto’s approach is not abstract enough:

For defining Agile we should focus on the goal of Agile rather than on the misleading, very problematic way suggested by the authors of the Manifesto. Please read

The New (2011) Definitions of Agile or
The Manifesto can be Poison
The Manifesto is ignoring CIO’s Interest.

[Flávio Ribeiro] Working at the Video Team of The New York Times

December 22nd, 2015

So, after more than 3 years of the publication of this post and almost 9 months working here, I’ll give my two cents and elaborate a bit about my experience on the day-to-day work at the video team of The New York Times.

the new york times


The technology of the video team is split into three teams: Video Players (VHS), Times Video and the brand new Video Publishing API team. We are growing really fast and things are changing in every direction; it’s clear to me that everyone is excited and committed to our upcoming challenges.

We work in a fast-paced environment and always adapting our agile processes. However, I never feel rushed and everyone is committed to do deliveries with meaningful impact. The engineers have the freedom to give input on process, features and backlog. For example, after this quizz I was able to implement and send the thumbs on seekbar feature to production (http://nyti.ms/1jaFlVK).

We have frequent 1:1’s and occasional brainstorm meetings. Our daily meeting is around 11 AM and takes no longer than 10 minutes, we usually have people working from home and the meeting always happens on Google Hangouts.

video team at nytimes

one of our daily meetings some time ago

Our team consists of people from all around the world such as U.S., China, Brazil, Canada among others. Our cultural differences are always the subject during lunch.

Speaking of lunches, while we don’t have free food we do have a restaurant inside the building that serves typical food from a different country every day (somedays the food is awesome, sometimes not much).

Generally, a new hire rotates between all projects during the first month. This helps with understanding the whole video platform and familiarize with both team members and the codebase.

The Times also hosts a tech blog, 100% days (two days to do whatever you want) and hackweeks. There’s also some events open to the public, you can find the schedule of events here.


We use JIRA to track our projects, milestones and sprints. I personally don’t like it — it’s too slow, hard to glue with the code and full of buttons. We use Github for code and Slack for communication throughout the entire company. Some of my favorite channels include #coffee for caffeine addicts, #conferences-events for events and #snacks for free goodies around the building.

The VHS team uses plain JavaScript for the players. We use Grunt for tasks and Karma + Chai + Mocha + Sinon for tests. One of our targets this year was to get rid of Flash so we needed to integrate the player with VPAID for ads and use hls.js for live streams. This whole journey deserves it’s own post, we’re planning to do that on our tech blog.

The Times Video team is responsible for Times Video product. We are using ES6 with Babel and moving from Backbone to React. The back-end is made with Node + Express + Memcached. For testing, we’re using the same stack as VHS.

The Video Publishing API is still being assembled and will support our encoding pipeline, including the production & editing integration, security, encoding profiles, and syndication among others. The company is in an adoption movement of the Go language and we are willing to use it to build the API’s.


I was hired in April 2015 as a contractor and waited until October for the H1B visa, when I started working as a full-time employee. During this time I went to New York twice to get to know the team. I also used those trips to pick out apartments in different neighborhoods to get a better idea of where I would live.

It was my first experience working remotely and it was tough, I was living in Rio de Janeiro at the time and decided to spend some time with my parents and friends in Campina Grande, where I grew up. My life became a whirlwind during those months and my productivity was well below normal.

flavioribeiro github streak

my github streak proving I’m going back to a good shape

Since I arrived in New York, I feel much better. I have a routine, the commute works and the city surprises me everyday. As a natural Brazilian accustomed to a hot weather, I’m afraid of the upcoming winter. However, I’m lucky the cold is slow to arrive this year.

At the building, every engineer has it’s own cube and it’s huge. More than twice as size as my last table. It fits some books, figure toys, a small whiteboard and sometimes another coworker when pairing. You get a little isolated and is quite different from how are the open tables in startups, but I personally like the privacy that the cube give to me. The office is calm and quiet, I never turned on the noise cancellation of my headphone.

I’m very happy and hope to contribute even more on next year. If you want to be part of this amazing team, we are hiring.

video team

united colors of video team!

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